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Laboratory Services

Laboratory was started as a small unit under the guidance of Dr. Kanwardeep Singh (MBBS, MD, Microbiology) on 10-12-2001 for routine pre-operative investigations and bacterial cultures. It has grown many folds since then. Presently the laboratory has state of the art equipment, technology and human resources for diagnosis of various ocular and systemic diseases. We offer services to patients, hospitals and other laboratories. Some of these services are: 

1) Diabetic profile of the patient for better management of diabetes mellitus and its complications.

2) Staining and direct microscopic examination for rapid diagnosis of bacterial, fungal, viral and chlamydial infections during OPD and surgical procedures.

3) Culture and sensitivity of :

This improves the management of infections by physicians; surgeons and ophthalmologists. 

4) All types of haematological biochemical and serological tests like: -

This improves diagnosis and management of systemic diseases. 

5) Recent techniques for rapid and reliable diagnosis of pulmonary and extra pulmonary tuberculosis.

6) Sterilization check for operating rooms, ICU, wards etc.

7) Sterilization check of Autoclave and Ethylene oxide sterilization machine.

8) Bacterial examination of water.

Our future plans include: 

1) Preparation and preservation of amniotic membrane in cell culture media (for use as a graft or patch).

2) To introduce molecular biology techniques (like PCR, RFLP, Micro arrays etc.) as a research and diagnostic tool for infections with very low bacterial / viral and fungal load.


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