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A cataract is formed when the natural eye lens becomes cloudy with age. A cataract can also occur following injury (trauma) or infection (uveitis). The hospital is equipped to perform stitchless cataract micro surgery with intraocular lens implantation of all kinds. Pediatric as well as adult cataracts are operated here on a routine basis.

What is Cataract?

To understand cataract, one has to visualize that an eye behaves like a camera with a transparent lens focusing light on the reel of the eye i.e. retina. The picture so formed on the retina is then sent to the brain via a nerve to complete the process of seeing. When this lens starts becoming opaque or white, the problem is labeled cataract. So when the lens is partially opaque, it is called an immature cataract and some light can pass through to help perform some routine functions. However, when the opacity increases to engulf the entire lens, vision is totally cut off and the cataract is called mature.

What are the usual symptoms indicating Cataract?

There is a painless gradual decrease in vision. Early cataract is associated with difficulty in reading in normal light conditions, and extra illumination is required. Excessive glare and reduced sharpness can make night driving difficult. Some experience a rapid changes in the number / power of glasses. In advanced cases there is complete loss of sight and pupil becomes pearly white in colour.

What are the problems associated with Cataract?

There is a painless progressive diminution of vision. Initially some help is achieved by changing the spectacle number, but in advance cases the spectacles also prove to be ineffective.

Who are normally affected by Cataract?

Cataract usually occurs in the elderly after the age of fifty and is called senile cataract. Cataract can sometimes occur in the new born due to development problems, in the young due to injury and in any age due to an extension of another eye problem.

What is the treatment for Cataract?

There are no medicines to treat cataract. The answer lies only in surgery where the cataract is removed and replaced by an intra-ocular lens.


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